August 11, 1942 – JSA to Henry Condict

  • August 11, 1942 – JSA to Henry F.. Condict (Home Land Insurance Co. of America) –

Dear Mr. Condict:

During a brief discussion today noon at the Mohawk Club with Speaker Heck and Dr. Pillsbury, Mr. Heck said a threat was made to him during the last session of the legislature, the substance of which was that unless Dr. Langmuir and I stopped our efforts on the Lake George water problems, our camps would be burned down. Of course, I dismiss this as idle talk but after reading a letter written by the President of the Lake George Association dated July 22nd to Mr. Kenneth Reynolds containing a more veiled threat, it had occurred to me that possibly this should be brought to your attention since your company have insured this property, though it must be treated in confidence. It is a fact that people in Ticonderoga have been unduly frightened and incenses with misinformation concerning the proposed restoration of the natural dam in the outlet of Lake George. It is also true that the mill owner is now a defendant in the suit recently brought by the State to settle the old controversy over water rights but none of this may warrant any action on your part. I am not losing any sleep over this and hope you will not feel unduly alarmed.

Sincerely yours,

  1. S. Apperson