August 11, 1930 – Roy Mount to JSA


  • August 11, 1930 – Roy Mount to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

First let me remind you that you were going to send copies of the two resolutions to Mr. David I. Kelly, secretary of the Essex County Park Commission, Newark, N,J. I am attaching a clipping from yesterday’s Syracuse American and also the last issue of the Upstater. You will find one or two articles marked on the margin that will no doubt be of interest to you.

The talk with Mr. Cross did not bring out anything new or startling and I had no opportunity to introduce the subject about which we spoke. I was in the Conservation Department shortly after being in the Governor’s office and several of the boys seemed quite concerned over my probable business there, but I didn’t give them any satisfaction at all

I’d like to so some work along the lines of preparing those articles, but in order to get the right prospective it will be necessary for us to see each other from time to time. During the leisure hours I think that I will try to hammer out some of these discourses for your approval, all of which will probably have to be altered and amplified to meet with your larger experience and better thinking. However, I do want to feel that I have had a part in your great plan, because I believe implicitly that this effort must be made immediately if it is to stave off the impending crisis.

Let me again thank you for your several kindnesses to me and for your hospitality Thursday evening.


Roy Mount