August 11, 1923 – JSA to Harold (?)

  • August 11, 1923 – JSA to Harold (?)

Dear Harold:

Accept my apologies for delaying answer to your inquiry regarding the camp on Lake George. Both are ever changing in aspect and uncertain in status, but I hope you will carry out your plans and pay us a visit on the date you mention. Just what shape the camp will be in, who will be there, and where I will be are a few of the uncertainties, but whatever happens come and we will find a comfortable abode for you.

In respect to the park, No. 1 was very tense, thrilling, and dramatic at times, but finally ended with an appropriation for $75,000 for the acquisition of land for park purposes on the Tongue Mountain peninsula and the islands adjacent thereto. I am now in the midst of Chapter No. 2 which is somewhat different but just as difficult and uncertain as the first chapter. The State Superintendent of Forests has just finished talking to me over the ‘phone and will go up today to my camp for a week. When you come I will tell you some of the high-spots in detail.

With best regards to the family, Cordially yours,