August 1, 1929 – J. G. Regan (GE) to W. M. Pierson (NY Power & Light)

  • August 1, 1929 – J. G. Regan (Lighting Section – Room 457, Bldg. #2)) to Mr. W. M. Pierson (New York Power and Light Company)

Dear Sir:

Your letter of July 27th to Mr. S. C. Smith, your Division Manager, states that you estimate $1,060.00 for your charge to the City on equipping the traffic signals at Erie Boulevard and State Street with proper relays so that they will flash red at the time of a fire. These relays are to be controlled by a switch at the fire station.

I would appreciate having a separate cost for equipping the single signal installation at Erie Boulevard and Union Street with this equipment. That is, I would like to know how much you could reduce this figure of $1,060.00 by omitting the fire control provision for the corner of Erie Boulevard and state Street and Erie Boulevard and Liberty Streets.

Yours very truly,

  1. G. Regan

Lighting Section