April 9, 1930 – JSA to William Hill

April 9, 1930 – JSA to William Hill (Bolton Landing) –

Dear Mr. Hill:

Things have been flying so fast for me that I have been unable to confirm our agreement Sunday regarding your garage property. You agreed to convey by deed, unencumbered (so far I have had four interruptions) the lot, buildings and such equipment or furnishings as would naturally go with the property, for thirty-five hundred dollars ($3,500), to be paid in full within thirty days from the date of the deed of transfer, less the fifty dollars in cash which I paid you as part payment.

So far I have been unable to get a very definite understanding regarding the others who may be interested and if you are still agreeable to accepting two thousand dollars in cash and a mortgage for the remainder at 6%, it may be necessary for me to ask you to alter our agreement to that extent. If you have plans, however, that make it desirable for you to have cash I accordance with our verbal agreement, I will of course make the necessary arrangements.

You said you would send me a copy of the deed, but I think that since we understand each other very clearly, it would be just as well for you to execute the deed and send it to me with the search papers in the usual manner.

Your offer to help pick up the place and also to help me to get someone to occupy the property to make it self-supporting, is of course very much appreciated by me and will no doubt be quite necessary. If you have any prospective buyers that are willing to take the property at the price I am paying, with some restrictions against “hell-raising’, I shall of course be glad to turn it over to them.

I have had so many interruptions in writing this letter that I may have failed to mention some details which I hope you will not hesitate to call to my attention. Cordially yours, JSApperson