April 8, 1930 – Russell Gies to John J. Bennett (American Legion)


  • April 8, 1930 – Russell Gies (Summit, New jersey) to John J. Bennett, Commander. NY State American Legion

Dear Mr. Bennett:

In reference further to my recent letter concerning the acquisition by the State of land of Lake George, New York, I have just heard that Senator Brown has introduced Senate Bill 1843 which provides an appropriation of $200,000, for the acquisition of that land comprising Black Mountain and Paradise Bay on the east side of Lake George

The bill has been referred to the Senate Finance Committee of which Senator Charles J. Hewitt of Albany County, is chairman. As the available time for the passage of the bill is limited, I am writing immediately as it is only courtesy to you to keep you informed of the present status of the matter, and would appreciate any effort you can make toward having the bill passed.

I might further state that the matter of the saving of the wild land of Lake George for the benefit of the Public was officially endorsed by the Convention of the New York State Department, American Legion, as far back as 1922 and 1923, so this bill is simply carrying out the policy which was endorsed at that time.

Very truly yours,

Russell Gies