April 8, 1929 – JSA to William Hill


  • April 8, 1929 – JSA to William Hill, Bolton Landing –

Dear Mr. Hill:

Several people entered my camp ahead of me and came out very much excited to look me up and insisted on my going in to see the most beautiful birthday cake “they had ever seen.”

You probably know how fond men are of cake, and yet we all agreed that it was too pretty to cut, and went off to Tongue Mountain, only to return next day with an increased appetite and after admiring the cake again for some time, seven of us proceeded to remove the beautiful flowers and other decorations. We certainly did enjoy it.

I don’t know how many rides in my boat you and your family will have to have to repay you for the cake, but it certainly was fine of you to think of my birthday and only put 21 candles on the cake.

Thanks ever so much.

Sincerely yours,