April 8, 1927- G. Hall Roosevelt to JSA


  • April 8,1927 – G. Hall Roosevelt (Detroit, Michigan) to JSA

Dear Appie: –

A careful review in accordance with yours of the 1st to Mr. Dalton reveals the following – After discussing this matter with the most reliable authorities around Detroit, I find that they all feel that a boat, such as the Chris Craft Cadet – which is good for better than 25 – is just as reliable as a slow speed boat. Of course, these boats are designed for the average demand. The Chris Craft have given up the Scripps, or are about to do so and expect to use a Chrysler 80 motor adapted for marine work. There was a small builder of marine motors in boats in Geneva, N.Y. by the name of Fay and Bowen, who may be able to satisfy your requirements. It is suggested that if you wish to put up about $1,500, we could purchase you a Chris Craft Cadet, which was not operated more than three months and is in A-1 condition. You might enjoy a two weeks cruise from Buffalo to Lake George after putting the boat on a steamer from Detroit to Buffalo.

Sincerely yours,