April 8, 1925 – W. K. Bixby to JSA


  • April 8, 1925 – W. K. Bixby (St. Louis) to JSA

My dear Mr. Apperson:

Yours of the third received, together with photographs of my house taken in the ice, which are the first that I have ever had, also one of the Dean cottage which I have sent to Dean.

I read over the articles that you sent in reference to the Governor’s veto and I sympathize with him. I am sending you a copy of letter that I have written the Governor. I do not think I have ever met Dr. Irving Langmuir, but I would be very glad to see all such men located on the Lake.

I have no special plans for the piece of property next to my boathouse on the east side of Huddle Bay. I know that the Homers are anxious to have undesirable people kept off that point entirely, but I think such a man as you describe would be an acquisition rather than a detriment and II see no reason why some arrangement could not be made for him to acquire some of the property by lease or purchase. I will be glad to go over it with you or with him this summer. We shall probably be at the Lake by the 12th of June. I think Washington University’s Commencement exercises are on the 9th and I will have to stay here until after that.

In case you cannot do anything with the Governor on the old bond issue of 1916 and can secure property in the North West Bay Valley at reasonable figures, I might be willing to buy this with the agreement to turn it over to the State at the same price as paid, with interest, with the understanding that they check the deed in such a way as to satisfy them so that only a quit claim deed would be needed from me.


  1. K. Bixby