April 7, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA


  • April 7, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA –

My dear Apperson:

I am indeed surprised to learn that you did not receive my reply to your “Paradise Bay” letter of September 24th. You must have thought me very negligent. (Though of no use now) I enclose the carbon copy of my reply to let you know that my intentions were good. Note what you say about the Brown bill and do hope it will go through. I will do what I can up here. I am greatly interested in your letter and the clipping from the N.Y. Times regarding the Hewitt Bill. I have turned them over to Mr. Louis D. Lang, Secretary of the local chapter of the Izaac Walton League. I know that he is a thorough sympathy with any movement to preserve our Adirondack forests. I also had a talk Saturday with three Professors from the College of Forestry. They seem to be for the Bill, at least they favor lumbering on state lands to be acquired outside State Parks (the blue line). Can you give me some more information on this Bill? There seems to be a great deal of confusion and misunderstanding concerning its real intent. Probably that is the very thing certain parties want, so that when it comes up for a public vote the people will not comprehend the joker in the bill. I believe the members of the College of Forestry are divided on the subject. It certainly makes a fellow “see red” – this continued effort to break down the bars and allow the exploiters to ravage what little real forest land we have left.

Please let me know if you receive this letter – and I will do what little I can to help you in these projects for saving the forests.

Sincerely yours,

Fred Saunders