April 5, 1930 – JSA to Miss Hurd

April 5, 1930 – JSA to Miss Hurd –

My dear Miss Hurd:

Our mutual friend, Mr. Van De Water, suggests that I write to you concerning the effort now being made to complete the state’s acquisition of the central areas of lake George, particularly the Paradise Bay land.

As you probably know, in 1923 several organizations, including the Appalachian Mountain Club undertook to preserve the wild beauty of this famous spot and make it more available to the public. Mr. H. V. Allen of Schenectady represented the Appalachian Mountain Club in favor of the bill, and I believe carried on his communications with your organization through Mr. Dawson of Maine.

The attached communication to Commander Bennett from our local Post Commander of the legion, including the resolution passed by them, will give you a very good outline of the situation.

A bill was introduced yesterday by Senator Thomas C. Brown appropriating two hundred thousand dollars for the acquisition of this land.

It would be very encouraging and helpful to us if your Club could assure Senator Brown and anyone else in the Legislature, including the Governor, of your continued interest in the success of this undertaking. Since the session is to adjourn in a week or ten days, your early action would be very much appreciated.

Cordially yours,