April 5, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders


  • April 5, 1930 – JSA to Fred Saunders –

My dear Saunders:

Our recent letters evidently crossed each other. Your letter regarding the paradise Bay land which you referred to, was not received by me, but I feel as I always feel, that you would do whatever you can to help the big purpose.

After many months of wrestling with the situation is has now developed into a bill by Senator Thomas C. Brown, Int. 1843, appropriating two hundred thousand dollars for the acquisition of the Paradise Bay and Black Mountain lands. Of course it is late to get the bill through, but nevertheless we want to give it all the support we can, which will not only develop our strength to go ahead and do this much neglected job, and which they already have funds I the bond issue for. Any action that you can take in the way of sending telegrams or letters of having other people take such action will be very helpful.

The bill will probably be held up in the Senate Finance Committee, the Chairman of which is Senator Charles J. Hewitt from Albany. It might therefore be well to have some communications addressed to him.

Hoping that you will drop in and pay us a visit in the near future, and many thanks for your assistance, I am

Cordially yours,