April 3, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. Boyer

  • April 3, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. Boyer (Schenectady)

My dear Mrs. Boyer:

You might be interested in reading the attached news items on the so-called Hewitt Reforestation Amendment, known in Schenectady more particularly as the Tree-Cutting Amendment, which I spoke to you about over the ‘phone.

There are several people here in Schenectady who have made a study of this measure and while they are all very busy it would seem desirable to have at least one of them have an informal talk with you or one or two other members of your organization preparatory to a more extended discussion sometime later. The subject has so many interesting features it is difficult to keep the main point from being confused. If you will let me know when it suits your convenience to talk over this subject I will try to meet with you or ask Dr. Stanton, Dr. Langmuir or Mr. Moot, or some of our other friends to do so. I feel that considerable time might be saved by a preliminary talk.

Cordially yours,