April 3, 1929 – JSA to William G. Howard


  • April 3, 1929 – JSA to W. G. Howard, State Supt. of Forests, Albany –

Dear Mr. Howard:

You will understand my expression of astonishment when you told me that you were waiting for the ice to go out of Lake George before taking action on the theft of trees which I called to your attention on March 17th, when you know that two men drove up for the weekend from Maryland and had no trouble in reaching Turtle Island. It never occurred to me that your Department would have any difficulty, the ice having been safe for a week or more after I first informed you. In fact, I crossed the Lake the following week and last week-end crossed over the Mountain to Turtle Island again.

The theft of trees from Turtle and Mohigan Islands being coincident with and in the same immediate neighborhood of the work being done under the personal supervision of the State Custodian indicates that he was cognizant of the procedure. Of course he knows that he has no more right to sell or give away the State timber than a policemen has to give away city property.

The minimum estimated value for firewood was $80.00. There were two cords of 2 foot wood stacked on the private dock, in addition to the 44 logs used in the cribbing. The ends cut off for wood showed that the logs were sound and their replacement value was estimated at $200.00. In other words, if the builder of this dock had bought the logs from the saw-mill, it would cost him about $200.00, and he would have the added expense of cartage across the lake.

As stated to you on the 17th, you have ample means for securing evidence and prosecuting this violation without involving me in the situation in any way, and it is my understanding that you will proceed accordingly.

Very truly yours,