April 29, 1930 – Margaret W. Weld to JSA

  • April 29, 1930 – Margaret W. Weld to JSA –

My dear Mr. Apperson:

I find here your letter of February 26th with enclosures. Please forgive my seeming (?) in not returning them to you sooner. I have been away in Morocco, having a look at the mountains there, the Grand (?), and they are grand. Thank you for sending me the data to read on this reforestation movement. I am relieved that we have any one a careful as you on the lookout – and that you called my attention to what may be a danger in the future. As you may know, the Adirondacks are my greatest interest, and you may always count on me to do all I can to help preserve them.

Apparently an “Adirondack Committee” is being formed which I have been asked to belong to. The others at St. Hubert’s, being Gus Coughlan and Samuel Thorne. I [my name] was suggested by Hopkins of the State Conservation Department. The general idea being trails, shelters, John Brook Lodge, etc. As I was asked by Mr. Hicks of the Placid Club, I thought it might be well to be on it, as I am always fearful of their encroachments, and might be of some help there. Don’t you agree?

Hoping to see you this summer.

Sincerely yours,

Margaret W. Weld