April 28, 1930 – J. A Cope (Extension Forester) to JSA

  • April 28, 1930 – J. A. Cope. Extension Forester (Ithaca) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I find that I only have a few hours in the office before going out in the field again for an extended trip. I am sure that we have around the office somewhere some copies of Mr. Churchill’s article on girdling hardwoods in the Adirondacks, but rather than delay a week too find it I am sending you herewith my personal copy of the Journal of Forestry, January 1929, containing the above article.

I ask you to kindly return the Journal when you have finished reading it as I naturally want to keep my files of the magazine complete.

I am also enclosing a little news bulletin which I get out from time to time which I thought might interest you.

Very truly yours,

  1. A. Cope, Extension Forester