April 24, 1963 – Ed Clements to Mrs. Lilian Burns Hudson

  • April 24, 1963 – Edward B. Clements to Mrs. Lillian Burns Hudson (Johnstown, NY)

Dear Mrs. Hudson:

I received your letter of April 2, 1963.

You are a remarkable woman and although I have not had the pleasure of meeting you, I am sure that you have lived a life full of accomplishments shared by your fine husband.

“Ideals” has been coming to my home for many years and I read, with much pleasure, your poem in the recent issue. Your close association with Mr. Apperson must have been a rewarding experience. All who know Appie were inspired by his intensive enthusiasm to preserve and safeguard our wilderness areas.

The Memorial Fund is growing gradually and we hope to erect a suitable memorial to John soon. It will probably be a plaque on his own Dome Island at Lake George.

If Mr. Duffy is still living, I would appreciate your advising me as to his address. It is possible that he may be interested in our work of the Nature Conservancy, perhaps in sympathy with your interest and the fact that he could memorialize a project by sponsoring a fund to preserve some natural areas dear to his heart.

Good health to you and you made me very happy in writing me as you did to tell me of the wonderful life you had with Mr. Hudson.


Edward R. Clements


Eastern NY Chapter