April 2, 1931 – Rabenold to JSA

  • April 2, 1931 – Ellwood Rabenold to JSA

My dear Apperson:

I have this morning your letter of the 1st.

  1. The New York Times this morning carries a summary of Governor Roosevelt’s broadcast last night on the Hewitt amendment.
  2. In the same paper there is also an article about Howard’s talk before the Federation of Women’s Clubs on the same subject.
  3. When you have summoned your thinking I should be glad to hear from you with respect to a group meeting.
  4. I wish I could be taking pictures with you.
  5. The article over the signature of Mr. Hill was fine.
  6. The Legislative Index report for March 31, which I have only seen this morning, shows that on that day, March 31, the Hewitt amendment went to the Secretary of State.
  7. I observe also that the Assembly shot through on March 31 the Porter bill, Ass. Int. 415, Pr. No. 1396, to amend section 7, Article VII of the Constitution so as to use the forest preserve for recreational purposes or otherwise.

Very sincerely,

Ellwood Rabenold