April 2, 1930 – Ted Dreier to Ethel Dreier (Black Mtn. Archives)

April 2, 1930 – Ted Dreier to Ethel Dreier (Ted Dreier papers – Black Mtn. Archives) –

“Dearest Mother,

We read your letter in the NY Times today and think it perfectly wonderful! Oh, Mother, you are grand! It comes at a very opportune time and is a tremendous help. Appy was thrilled with it and is getting ever so many copies to send all over. If we can only keep a few guns going. So often our shots are so few and far between as to be very ineffective. Is there anybody else you know of we could “educate” and get them to help us? I wonder if Aunt Minnie (?) and the Women’s Trade Union League would help? We’ll have to go after that other bill hard. We have been so busy with the Hewitt bill that the other one is slipping by almost without opposition. I think they hope we will be so busy with this one that we won’t have time for both. Do write if there is anything we can help you with.

Hastily with much love – “