April 2, 1929 – Someone at GE

  • April 2, 1929 – Someone at GE – notes –

Mr. Apperson called Mr. Howard telling him he had received an estimate on the timber cut – $80.00 to $100.00 as firewood and $2,000.00 from the mill. Mr. Howard said he was going to have a conference probably Thursday with the State man. Said he understood timber was not good timber. Mr. A said timber was OK and was used in dock. Mr. H. said he was waiting for ice to go out of lake. Mr. A. said ice started moving in Lake Sunday, but that one could have gone over mountain at any time. Mr. H. said he would get after the matter immediately. Mr. A. stated he had reached island every week for last three weeks, over ice and mountain and stated State man should have no difficulty in reaching it.”