April 2, 1929 – JSA to Smith Johannsen


  • April 2, 1929 – JSA to H. Smith Johannsen (Montreal) –

Dear Mr. Johannsen:

I am sure you will be amused at the enclosed description of a gasoline motor to be carried on ones back, which will propel skis, credit for which is claimed by the famous Mr. Santos-Dumont. This description appears in a Rio de Janeiro paper, along with many photographs of Mr. Dumont and his associates and apparently was received with great enthusiasm by these people who have never seen snow.

My mind often reverts to the very enjoyable trip with you, on the snow across country from Morrin Heights, and I hope next year I can spend a full two weeks up in that section. It would certainly be a boost to that country if one of both of the railroads could be induced to make an airplane photograph of that section while the snow is on. Such a map would not only help the various people to plan trips across country, but it would be very helpful in selling the idea to many people who have thought of going to some winter resort. A few inexpensive shower-baths and windows that will open in more of the very interesting and hospitable shopping places along with your enthusiastic support, should fill that country full of tourists fro the New England states. No doubt all these things have occurred to you and I am probably only reminding you of details that have been thoroughly gone over by you and your associates.

The snow and ice have both disappeared here, and I viewed the ice on Lake George from the top of a mountain as it started moving, about 3 o’clock Sunday. The ice usually holds until about the 12th or 15th of this month. Easter a year ago, we climbed Cat Mountain on skiis and had our Easter dinner on top. Spring is therefore this year about two weeks earlier, and I regret that the snow has left us.

Please give my best regards to that boy of yours, and also to your family. Hope you can bring them all down for a visit to Lake George at some early date.

Sincerely yours,