April 16, 1929 – JSA to Hotaling News Agency


  • April 16, 1929 – JSA to Hotaling News Agency, New York –


I ordered from New York Times, one hundred copies (100) of their editorial sheet dated April 2. I was desirous of obtaining the letter entitled “Preserving the Forest”, written by Mrs. Ethel E. Dreier, President of the New York City Women’s Club.

The TIMES were only able to send me a few copies, and I would be glad to have you forward me any part of all of this order which you may have on hand or can secure for me.

Very truly yours,


P.S. Also fifty (50) copies off the article appearing in the editorial sheet of the New York TIMES dated March 28th, entitled “Dangers to Forests,” written by Dr. E. MacDonald Stanton. J.S.A.