April 14, 1944 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold

  • April 14, 1944 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold –

Dear Rabenold:

I was glad to receive your letter of the 3rd and appreciate your thoughtfulness in referring to Mrs. Loines as a good friend of Lake George and myself. She was indeed a most valuable citizen and a great inspiration. The new era in that family will no doubt be different and probably not so effective in preserving Northwest Bay lands in their natural beauty, though I am confident the children are still sympathetic with the work you and I did to protect that section of this famous lake.

The Lake George Investigating Committee were fortunately discharged after making their recommendations which included a suggestion that the Public Works Department be granted power by the next Legislature to remove part or all of the Natural Stone Barrier, frequently called the People’s Dam, which for centuries acted as a regulator for the lake until it was interfered with by the man-made dam some ¾ of a mile downstream which flooded the openings in the People’s Dam, which incidentally has always been considered as a part of the Forest Preserve. Such proposed work would of course leave the shore owners entirely at the mercy of the mill owner and the politicians whereas at the present time even with part of it blasted away it does prevent extreme low water under normal conditions. The thought that such work cannot be authorized by the Legislature without an amendment to the Constitution is we believe correct, but in theory only since the Governor has knowingly signed the Whiteface Ski Trail Bill authorizing soft drink stands, hotel accommodations, etc., which were not included in the amendment and were often disclaimed by the sponsors of the amendment. If such liberties can be taken with the Constitutional Amendments in the case of the Whiteface Ski Trail Bill under the strong leadership of Senator Feinberg, it is hard to visualize the limits of such encroachment. But to fight such invasion effectively means of course more finances and time than our group have available.

Thanks again for your letter and with best wishes, I remain

Sincerely yours,