April 13, 1931 – JSA to Ethel Dreier

  • April 13, 1931 – JSA to Mrs. Ethel Dreier

My dear Mrs. Dreier:

Your encouraging letter of the 9th with letter from Mr. Hicks of the 31st, and Mr. Cruickshank, just received by me on my return from a trip through several parts of the Catskills.

It would seem wise to refer Mr. Cruickshank’s letter to Mr. Rabenold for such following up as he may think desirable.

Mr. Hicks is, of course, reflecting the usual viewpoint expressed by friends and agents of the pulp and paper group. The attached is a bit long, but the substance if sent to Mr. Hicks might discourage some of his willingness to spread the propaganda so plainly transmitted in his letter to you of the 31st.

I do want to have a talk with you in the very near future, also with Mr. Rabenold and others who should get together for formulating our future campaign.

Sincerely yours,