April 11, 1929 – JSA to Edward A. Adler

  • April 11, 1929 – JSA to Edward A. Adler – “

Dear Mr. Adler:

Following our conversation at lunch; sailing on skiis is great sport and it is barely possible that Commander Byrd and his men are not aware of this.

We have for several years during the winter, here and at Lake George, enjoyed this pastime, sailing across country up and down, particularly when the snow is packed. Our activities have been limited by the absence of good wind and snow, and the lack of time. Byrd and his party have all the necessary elements and while I have the impression that the surface of that country is usually too rough and the snow rather granular and therefore high in friction, it is possible that they have new snow-falls on areas that would be suitable for sailing, and if they are interested in hearing more about sailing on skiis, I would be glad to talk to them or end them suggestions.

Since Mr. Owen is from Schenectady, he may have experienced the pleasure of sailing on skiis and could therefore show them how it is done.

  1. S. Apperson