April 10, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA

  • April 10, 1930 – Fred Saunders to JSA –

My dear Apperson:

Thanks for your letter of April 2 and also the copy of your letter to Miss Catherine Potter – all of which is most interesting to me. I have sent word expressing my feelings regarding Bill No. 2368 to Senators Hewitt, Browne, Fearon and Assemblyman W.W. Wemple, Jr., and the Governor. Senator Fearon is from our neck of the woods and he may pay some attention to my appeal, though one can never count on these damn politicians.

I am glad to get all this information as I now know exactly what’s in the wind. We shall have out monthly meeting of the local chapter of the Izaac Walton League next week and I shall see that those two bad bills are killed. Keep me informed of any further developments, please.

With kindest regards,

Sincerely again,

Fred Saunders