April 1, 1931 – JSA to Rabenold

  • April 1, 1931 – JSA to Ellwood Rabenold

My dear Mr. Rabenold:

Your letter of the 31st is even more encouraging than the knowledge that there were five brave souls out of one hundred and fifty on the side of righteousness.

The enclosed will show you that we are keeping the fires burning and I have just talked with Moot about our state-wide campaign and he seems very enthusiastic and is writing today to a friend of his who owns a newspaper in Buffalo has some money and plenty of time to enjoy a hobby. He recently wrote an editorial favoring our cause. If he proves to be a good inside member of our group we will consider seriously adopting him.

As soon as I can clear my thoughts on who we might get together for our first council meeting I will communicate with you.

I need a bit of physical exercise and will devote Saturday and Sunday with my camera in the Catskills. I will probably have to make several trips to get the specific information we want and in the form we can use it. If you know of any particular spot to photograph which you care to suggest, let me know before I leave here Friday night.

Remember, it is always worthwhile to paddle upstream.

Sincerely yours,