• Summer – 1956 – Flyer




Lake George, New York

Like a giant sentinel, Dome Island guards the entrance to a scenic wonderland. This central Lake George region, just north of Dome Island, is part of the New York State Forest Preserve, protected by the State Constitution as land forever wild. It includes over one hundred islands and six mountains with eighteen miles of mainland shoreline.

Over the years, millions of visitors have acclaimed the rare beauty of Dome Island as viewed from excursion boats at this approach to the most famous lake scenery in eastern America. A majestic forest of white and black oak. Red and white pine, hemlock, beech, basswood and canoe birch mantles the island. Arbor Vitae lines the shores. Its steep-sided dome is composed of glacial till: soil, pebbles, and boulders laid down by the great ice sheet some fifteen thousand years ago in the form of a kame seventy-five feet high and nearly half a mile long.

Dome Island has a haunting beauty. It is an isolated tract of wilderness where nature has taken her course undisturbed through the centuries. To a casual observer, or the scientist, this famous landmark remains a vision of beauty and a field for fascinating study.


A Fragile Scenic Gem as viewed by millions…

if mutilated, it can never be restored.

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