1922 – The Rudder – Skate Sailing

  • The Rudder, Vol. 38 (1922) – Skate-sailing – “

While the sport of skate-sailing is not a new past time for lovers of the out-of-doors in winter, it has recently gained a great amount of publicity, most of it due to the efforts of the Skate-Sailing Association of America. This sport is one that can be indulged in without any great amount of expense and the sport resulting is equal to that obtained with an ice -boat without the expense and bother that the latter requires.

  1. Van B. Claussen of New York is one of the leaders of this new organization and he has done much to bring the sport into the limelight. The rig shown in the above picture was designed by Mr. Claussen, and folds up into a package of about the same size as a golf bag. This rig will enable the sailor to beat to windward with the same facility as would be possible with an ice boat and the speeds possible will be sufficient to arouse the red-blood of any sportsman. The fact that one is always to leeward of the sail keeps the direct force of the wind from the body, so skate sailing is really a wormer sport than ice boating. There are innumerable places near New York where this sport can be indulged in to the limit.

Interested persons should address the Association at 47 West 34th Street, NYC.”