September 30, 1911 – Police Report

  • September 30, 1911 – C. E. McKim (Gen. Supt. Transportation; D & H Company) to Mr. A. J. Gifford (Mgr. Transportation Dept., GE Co.)

Dear Sir:

Our Police Department has made a determined effort to locate the binocular glasses lost by your Mr. Apperson, but has been unsuccessful.

A thorough search of all pawn shops I Schenectady and the surrounding cities has been made but without success. However, if these glasses are offered for sale or pawned in any of these places we will at one be advised of the fact and will take them up.

I have asked our Capt. Of Police to follow this through and make every effort to eventually locate the glasses, I which effort I sincerely hope he will be successful.

Yours truly,

  1. E. McKim

Gen Supt. Transportation