September 26, 1911 – Stolen items


  • September 26, 1911 – Paul Williams (Glens Falls) to JSA

Dear Sir:

Continuing our conversation in reference to the things you had stolen at the lake, I called Mr. Burnett, the Game Protector at Lake George, on the ‘phone and explained to him your loss as well as the petty ones of my own.

Mr. Burnett thinks he knows who committed this depredation and I gathered from him that certain Caldwell parties (Lake George) were camping in Northwest Bay and have changed their camping grounds much further down the Lake, had doubtless done this.

Will you send me a description of the tent, together with a list of the other things and I will send them to Mr. Burnett, who will immediately lock the matter up. As Game Protector he has aright to search any amp on the Lake without the trouble of getting a search-warrant and possibly he can procure some information for me.

It might be well for you to also write him; I agree with you that while the value of the goods taken probably does not justify the annoyance of prosecuting, still if we wish our goods left alone others years it is very advisable to carry this thing out.

Yours truly,

Paul W. Williams