September 15, 1911 re: Girl in a white hat

  • September 15, 1911 – JSA to Mr. J. H. Burrell (Saratoga) –

Dear Sir:

I am trying to obtain the name of the man and the only clue I have to work on is that he met the girl with a very large white hat, which you will undoubtedly remember on your last trip up the lake. She talked with the matron on the boat and I have the impression knew you. The hat is all I remember as it was so large and white and was so conspicuous when we were near Bolton, being forward near the flagstaff for some distance. If by any chance you can recall this and can give me any information which will enable me to locate this party, I will appreciate your effort very much.

I was sorry you were unable to visit my camp and make the trip to the top of Black Mountain which we discussed.

I am enclosing copy of letter which will explain my interest in the man referred to above.

Very truly yours,