October 3, 1911 (William Burnett, State Game Protector)


  • October 3, 1911 – William H. Burnett (State Game Protector, NY) to JSA

Dear Sir:

Your letter of September 30th, reached my hands this morning and in reply will state that I am pleased to have you give me the facts as stated in this letter, and that I shall use my right to investigate every tent located in and around the waters of Lake George.

We do not intend that any such parties shall go unpunished and will do all we can to prosecute the offenders.

I will keep you posted in this matter if I get track of any of the things mentioned in your letter to me.

Last Sunday I went as far as Mother Bunch Islands looking from the Launch upon every tent in view but did not see any from the launch that was of the kind mentioned in the descriptions given to me in the list.

I remain yours truly,

William H. Burnett

State Game Protector, N.Y.