October 22, 1936 – John Van de Water to JSA

  • October 22, 1936 – John Van de Water to JSA –

Dear Appy –

I understand from Torrey that Hicks is calling a conference on Dec. 5 to discuss ski trails. Are you planning to call a conference of our outfit before that date? Torrey’s ideas on ski trails seem to coincide with ours.

Would you please draft a letter to be sent to prospective members of our association, of the informative type possibly emphasizing the immediate problem of ski trails and paving the way for a conference on the subject?

Malone seems to be disturbed, and I presume he has a right to be. As I told you before, I do not have the time to give to this job that it should have. I am tangled up with too much village and county work that is very exacting on my time, occasionally consuming all my spare time and part of my office time. It I not fair to you or to the organization to have me at the head of it. Until I can ease out of this local work in the next year or two, I cannot put as much time on conservation work as I should. I want to help when I can but I can’t be the one who is holding the bag all the time and responsible for the running of the trails conference. The sooner I can get out of this president’s job, the better for everybody concerned.          We had an excellent trip up in St. Hubert’s over Columbus Day weekend. Mrs. Kirkbride wished to be remembered to you and regretted your not stopping in to see her. We went over Giant and over Rocky Peak Ridge on Sunday. We had not trouble finding your sloe that has been eroded. Monday we went over Nipple top; the temperature on top was 19 with 2” of snow.


J W Van de Water