November 23, 1936 – JSA to T. F. Malone

  • November 23, 1936 JSA to T. F. Malone (Troy) –

Dear Tom:

Attached you will find copy of the proposed resolution signed by those actively opposed to Vincent’s resolution offered last Wednesday night. The indications are that this will be adopted a week from tonight unless some unforeseen effort upsets the present indications.

I would suggest that you study this resolution and write me a letter stating frankly how you feel about it and possibly the kind of letter, which might be read at the meeting. If you feel that this resolution would, if passed, be an acceptance to your original invitation to join, it might be well to say so to remove any technical question as to whether or not we are acting in a manner not in keeping with the nature of your invitation.

It was fine to have had a visit with you yesterday at the Lake and I hope you keep up your interest and enthusiasm.

Incidentally, if you think the attached resolution is in good form, you might use it as a sample to go by in advising other organizations – merely as a suggestion and one which has been passed by a prominent organization – not saying which one is was. Most of these people need guidance like ourselves, but don’t hesitate to differ with us I this respect.

Sincerely yours,


Copy (attached)

The President of the Winter Sports Club is directed to express to the New York State Trails Conference the willingness of the Winter Sports Club of Schenectady to cooperate with them in the proper location, development, and care of all trails and kinds of trails for pedestrians or skiers in the State of New York, in accordance with the principles inherent in Article VII, Section 7, of the New York State Constitution; and in furtherance of this purpose the President will appoint a delegate from the Winter Sports Club who will serve as a member of the Trails Conference and will aid in the development of plans for the carrying out of these purposes. 11/23/1936