November 23, 1936 – Bob Marshall to JSA

November 23, 1936 – Bob Marshall (Office of Indian Affairs) to JSA

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I agree with you that a very serious fight is needed to keep Article VII, Section 7 in the new constitution when it is put up to the electorate. Of curse, the chances are that the new constitution, as such, will be defeated as it was in 1915. But the chances also are that it will later be adopted piecemeal as that one was, and so it is very desirable to prevent any modification of Article VII, Section 7, even if the constitution should not be approved.

I think on this fight the Association for the Protection of the Adirondacks will take real leadership. I am not so optimistic in regard to the ski fight, and of course you know as well as I do how weak they were on truck trails. The Adirondack Mountain Club has a strong minority, which feels as we do and I hope this minority through various education can become a majority. I believe, as you do, that we have no time to waste in starting the educational program. Unfortunately, I am not up around New York sufficiently often to take much leadership in the organization of either the Association or the club.

I do not intend to be up your way in the near future, but is there any possibility of your getting down this way? We really should get together and discuss a program.

Bob Yard and Jim Foote have told me of some conference you are holding on December 12. If it is all right for me to attend, I might be able to get up there then. Will this conference get a chance to present its views to the Commissioner?

Sincerely yours,

Bob Marshall