November 1936 – James Foote to JSA


  • Same date? James A. Foote to JSA –

Mr. Apperson:

I have spoken with Mr. Yard about your meeting on the 12th. He thinks that without doubt someone from either the Wilderness Society or the National Parks Association or both will be present. We expect Robert Marshall to return from the field within the next few days and I will consult immediately with him. We down here are very, very much perturbed about this whole ski trail business and you can, I am sure, bank on some one of us to be there – and loaded for bear, so to speak. Meanwhile, try to write me some of the details of this situation and some of the conclusions you draw from them that I may understand fully the whole thing. Anything you write me will be treated as strictly confidential aside from the fact that I shall discuss it with Marshall and Yard. Equally confidentially do I state to you that this Placid Club – Adirondack Club group of money-mad recreational idiotics must be smashed once and for all. They tried to start something like this in September, 1933 at a meeting of the Adirondack Loj Club, which I attended. The time wasn’t ripe then, but it seems to be now, so they think. The sooner they are shown that there is a decided opposition to them, the better.