November 16, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone

  • November 16, 1936 – JSA to Thomas F. Malone (Troy) –

My dear Mr. Malone:

Vincent Schaefer was just in speaking about the meeting of the Winter Sports Club, scheduled for 7:30 PM, Nott Terrace High School, Wednesday, November 18th. It is important, of course, that you be present and it is my hope that you will be called on to explain the purpose of the organization and in doing so you will, of course, lay stress on the need of the right kind of trails and a coordinated effort to secure what the skiers really need, without marring the scenery, which would bring a still larger group in conflict with our efforts in behalf of skiing.

The conservation end will not appeal very strongly to some, but as I explained to one of our members today – that is, the Winter Sports Club – we have not been pursuing a policy of isolation since we are actually affiliated with the U.S. Amateur Ski Club which so far as New York state goes is dominated by the Hicks crowd. So, if they are unwilling to join the Trails Conference, it must be for some very peculiar reason.

The tactics of a certain group in the Adirondack Mountain Club in boring in through the back window are in evidence here, and we hope that this meeting Wednesday night will clear the air a bit.

Vincent says that you should make the question of dues rather definite. This is one of the stumbling blocks in the argument for membership, so you will be glad to know this in order to make it definite that it will be whatever the organization decide on in final form, but for good reasons will not exceed $5.00, and probably will be much less. In any event, no organization is endangered because they can resign at any time should the dues be oppressive.

I am giving you this offhand and just as suggestions. Should you find it convenient to dine with me before the meeting Wednesday night, at the Club, drop me a card to that effect and I will be glad to have you.

Sincerely yours,