July 15, 1911 – American Express Co.

  • July 15, 1911 – JSA to American Express Company, Schenectady, N.Y.


Being assured that my canoe would be shipped on first train to Pearl Point, Lake George, it was delivered to your company at station Friday evening. July 7th, after special effort and personal inconvenience. The canoe was not available at destination until Sunday morning, causing personal inconvenience and expense.

The canoe looked as thought it had been dragged over the mountain instead of being transported by rail and boat, the canvas being exposed in several places with the planking and rib badly broken in one place.

I have received estimated cost for repairs amounting to $10.00 for which amount I wish to enter claim. This is done with the full knowledge that several times this amount may be involved before satisfaction is obtained. If I can assist in avoiding a literary war on this by furnishing any further information, I should be advised.

For your convenience I am attaching copy of this letter.

Yours very truly,