July 1, 1911 JSA to fire warden, Black Mountain

  • July 1, 1911 – JSA to Fire Warden on top of Black Mountain-

Dear Sir:

Since our very short but pleasant visit with you several weeks ago, I have mislaid your address and have expected each weekend to pay you another visit only to be disappointed at the last moment.

I obtained a quotation on telescopes about which I spoke to you and found one worth while which would cost $92.00. The cheapest one which seemed at all suitable was $61.00. In view of the fact that you would have to either leave this on the top of the mountain in your absence or take it with you, which would not be permissible on account of the weight, I believe the arrangement I spoke to you about is rather impractical. I trust, however, if conditions are different and I can be of any service to you that you will write me.

I am sending you up, under separate cover, some magazines and fly dope.

Trusting that you are enjoying good health and success, I am

Very truly yours,