January 24, 1941 – Statement by P. L. Alger (Schenectady)

  • January 24, 1941 – Statement by P. L. Alger (Schenectady, NY) –

The Germans have the collectivist idea that property must ne owned to get its benefits. They want to own Poland so they can have the Poles grow potatoes and the Balkans so that the Balkans can grow wheat, leaving them to enjoy the direction of affairs. Our philosophy is that ownership is not important. We have good lamps and good coffee, but nobody cares who owns the factories where they are made, so long as they are operated well.

Therefore, the German success in this war is unthinkable. Any temporary gains they make simply prolong the struggle.

If a German submarine or airplane should damage American property, it will arouse the American people to join England in full partnership.

Lord Nelson said, “I am of the opinion that the boldest measures are the safest.” It is my concerted opinion that this spirit represents the American people.

  1. L. Alger