February 4, 1937 – JSA to George Marshall

  • February 4, 1937 – JSA to George Marshall (NYC) –

Dear Marshall:

We can enjoy a technical victory at least since the Adirondack Mountain Club after thirteen years of discussion have gone on record for Art. VII, Section 7, without reservation. You did a fine bit of work at the Governor’s meeting to get the resolution reported.

Before we forget the details it might prove helpful to record that our first plan and effort was to put the Club on record for Article VII, Section 7, and note the fact that the important resolution on ski trails was a second thought also successful. The obvious need of leaders in the Club enthusiastically for such principles was the third consideration and any effort that might have been made to change leadership failed.

There are so many other groups with which we can work harmoniously, it does seem poor economics to take any other attitude now than a cooperative one with both eyes open.

Had the first resolution referred only to the President’s talk at the Trails’ Conference, which was the issue, I would have made known its harmful effects, but Carson’s introductory remarks and the wording of the resolution were such that no one could even comment without being accused of attacking both the Club and the President. Under the circumstances, it seemed best to disappoint those who were prepared with extravagant oratory and allow the resolution to go through without the challenge. Quite a few in our immediate vicinity did not vote either way.

Now for something more constructive. Most organizations as you know, hold their annual meeting this time of year and it is therefore important that we move as rapidly as possible to commit them to Article VII, Section 7 and prepare a list with organizations that oppose this fundamental law. This will encourage some to join our group if only to avoid being seen with our opponents. Advance knowledge of this procedure on the part of some may hurt our efforts and therefore we are not wise if we make known this plan before we secure certain organizations that may go either way. I therefore urge you to cooperate with Van der Water and Torrey in getting the Appalachian Mountain Club and other similar groups, definitely committed to Article VII, Section 7 without reservation as soon as possible.

Please do not hesitate to differ with me frankly on any suggestions I might make.

Sincerely yours,