December 8, 1911 Charles A. Spenard tailor in Troy

  • December 8, 1911 – Charles A Spenard to JSA

Dear J. S. Apperson:

My dear sir: Your letter received and in reply wish to say that it would be too late to make any changes in your knee breeches. I presume this is what you want when you say the bottom of sleeve in your short trousers, as the Trousers were sent back and finished, the eyelets being already made. I believe that this will please you the best after all. Also want t thank you for your check, also for your kind words of appreciation for our efforts to please you.

Hoping all will be satisfactory, and in case there should be any little thing you would like corrected I will be pleased to do it for you. I am

Yours very truly,

Chas A. Spenard