December 7, 1936 – David Rushmore to JSA

  • December 7, 1936 – David Rushmore (University Club – NYC) to JSA –

Dear Mr. Apperson:

I am very glad to comply with your request for a brief memorandum about your engineering work when I was chief of the Power and Mining Engineering Department of the General Electric Company. I remember very well the important responsibilities which I placed on you from about 1908 to 1922. You were in charge of the section responsible for the engineering work on contracts and complaints, which included a very large percentage of the Company’s business during that period. You recall, of course, that your section handled the large hydroelectric installations with high-tension transmission, also large and small motor application for industries, and for several years your section also supervised the engineering work on Government orders.

You did not ask me for a testimonial but it must be obvious to anyone that you could not have held this very responsible position for so long a time unless you were an exceptionally well qualified engineer However, if anyone unfamiliar with your qualifications expresses a desire for more details, I should be happy to write him in this connection.

Sincerely yours,

David Rushmore