December 7, 1911 short trousers

  • December 7, 1911 – JSA to Mr. Charles A. Spenard (Troy) –

Dear Sir:

Since returning, I find there is a possibility of my not having the pleasure of skating over to your place Saturday and I am, therefore, enclosing a check for thirteen Dollars ($13.00) which I believe settles our account in full.

I was disappointed in getting a suitable grommet for the opening in the sleeve of the short trousers and would ask that you work a small buttonhole on each side of the opening not more than an inch apart; four or five of these on a side would seem sufficient and I believe a little neater than the other arrangement.

I would like to have you send me the clothes by express at your earliest opportunity, including one or two extra buttons and a few scraps of the same material.

From what I have seen, I think I shall be very much pleased with the clothes and I wish to thank you for the courteous attention you gave me.

Very truly yours,