December 28, 1936 – Raymond Torrey to George Marshall


  • December 28, 1936 – Raymond Torrey to George Marshall (NYC) –

Dear Mr. Marshall:

Following the reports which I have sent him, as to the projects of those who would manipulate Section 7, in the interest of winter sports facilities on state lands, Mr. George Welwood Murray, Acting President of the Association of the Protection of the Adirondacks, has asked Conservation Commissioner Osborne what he thinks of these proposals, and what his own plans are.

It seems to me that this is the best way of getting at the bottom of this matter, and it may be productive of good. For nothing can be done on state forest preserve lands, without the approval of the Conservation Department, and when we know what he will approve, if he is definite in his answer, we should know better where we stand. When an answer is received from Commissioner Osborne, it will be discussed by the Trustees at their January meeting.

Thanks for your very attractive Christmas card, and let me reciprocate your kind wishes.

Sincerely yours,

Raymond N. Torrey