December 19, 1936 – Nettie Sellinger Pierce to JSA

  • December 19, 1936 – Nettie Sellinger Pierce (chairman, conservation committee – Burroughs-Audubon Nature Club, Rochester) to JSA (President of the Forest Preserve Association) –

Dear Sir:

Perhaps you might be interested to know that I had the privilege and pleasure of voting against “construction of ski trails and truck trails through forest preserves, and against further drying up of swamplands, to make artificial lakes in the Adirondacks Park.”

On the evening of December 10, at Genesee Conservation League clubhouse, four members of B.A.N.C. including myself accepted public invitation to attend the meeting. We found representatives of sportsman’s clubs from all the way up the Genesee Valley had accepted, too. They were interested I protecting the interests of hunters, fishers, and trappers!

Our four, Mr. Carl Heydweiller, Mrs. William Heydweiller, Miss Scheley and myself were real conservationists. Mr. Carl Heydweiller made a splendid defense of hawks when the subject of “predators!” came up.

One of the game wardens came to the defense of the hawks. He sad there are very few left in our section.

After a vicious attack had been made on hawks that kill pheasants (that the speaker wished to kill with a gun) I asked the gentleman what species of hawk did the killing, he said, “I don’t know.” I replied, “I thought so.”

When the vote was taken the killers won, but the vote was far from unanimous.

This occurred on the 10th. On the 14th, came literature on “Ski Trails” sent from Schenectady for which thanks. Glad to know such action was taken at the other end of the state.

The three ladies from B.A.N.C. were the only women present. I consider our evening well spent. I believe we made friends even in that group, but they are not conservationists as we understand the term.


Nettie Sellinger Pierce (Mrs. Horace G. Pierce)