August 28, 1911 JSA to Mr. German re: bull frogs


  • August 28, 1911 – JSA to Mr. German (Pearl Point)

My dear German:

Last night I left with “Curly” a box which is supposed to contain 90 real live bull frogs. Enclosed you will find a few rubber bands for holding them on top of the three hooks, the head of the frog being pointed up the line. They are supposed to be fashioned in such a way as not to interfere with their swimming propensities and used on the surface at sunrise and sundown. While swimming they make the most attractive bait and it occurred to me if you take them out only far enough to smell a meal like you gave us yesterday, they will surely swim towards the island. They are rather small and if kept in a cool place, with a little water thrown over them once or twice in case the weather is warm, they should keep perfectly.

In case you do not use them all, leave them in a cool place in the bay where our famous dock is located.

Wishing you both the best of luck, I remain hurriedly yours,



Acting Big Chief, Phantom Island – I almost forgot posterity and would like to have you liberate three of the smallest frogs in three of the bays most favorable to their existence. This is only on condition, however, that you do not need them for bait. If you find it convenient, drop me a line or leave word with Curly whether any are left over. It may change my plea of insanity from “stone crazy” to “frog crazy.’