August 26, 1937 – JSA to Hon. Lithgow Osborne (Commissioner)

  • August 26, 1937 – JSA to Hon, Lithgow Osborne, Commissioner (Conservation Department)

My dear Commissioner:

My attention has just been called to the advertisement in the Adirondack Loj ski bulletin, of accommodations at the Lake Colden rangers’ cabin. In describing the Wallface-Colden loop trip, the pamphlet states:

“This trip can be made without blankets, the Colden Ranger cabin (10.70 miles) as an overnight stop.”

There appears to be a definite understanding between your Department and the Adirondack Loj that such accommodations are available, at least a part of the time, by a further statement.

“Be sure to make sure at the lodge that the cabin is available, however.”

I think you will agree that this bulletin at least indicates that some members of your Department interested in the erection of the Colden building were not wholly inspired by its use for fire protection purposes. If you care to write me in this connection, I should be glad to express to our members any new policy which may have prompted this procedure.

Sincerely yours,