August 19, 1911 Baggage agent to JSA


  • August 19, 1911 – C. E. Durkee (General Baggage Agent) to JSA – Mr. J. S. Apperson (Park Avenue, Schenectady, NY)

Dear Sir:

Replying to your inquiry of August 15th beg to say that we do not accept camp equipage for transportation via baggage service, irrespective of the form of the receptacle in which it is packed.

If the contents of the bag you mention consisted entirely of camp equipage, our Baggage Agent was justified under our rules in declining to check it. If however, it contained personal effects, wearing apparel, etc., it could have been handled as baggage.

Some years ago we did accept campers outfits but as found that we were being imposed upon in that we were handling boxes of food stuffs, cooking utensils and like paraphernalia, not too securely packed, it became necessary for us to modify our rules in this respect.

Trusting this will explain the matter to your satisfaction, I remain,

Yours truly,

  1. E. Durkee

General Baggage Agent.